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Fly from Phnom Penh International Airport:

Booking Period :
12 April 2010 - 25 April 2010

Travel Period : 10 May 2010 - 25 August 2010
Travel Notes

- Advanced booking required.
- Fares are not available during embargo period.

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Fly from Jakarta, Indonesia:

Fly from Kinabalu, Malaysia (direct flight):

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Airasia Promotion for April 2010!

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Small Flights to / From Jambi (and some other interesting destination)

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Most of people asks, if there's any other way to go to Kerinci region, where the highest volcano in sumatra is, else than going from West Sumatra.
Theres flights that actually goes from Jambi straight to Sungai Penuh the main city of Kerinci that fly twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday etd. 08.55 am by Riau Airlines, a small plane.
I think if theres flights flying across sumatra province its it will safe your time, and i think its really worth the money! Since most of roads in inter-province is not as smooth as roads in Java island (imagine 11 hours stuck in small car with bumpy horse riding car ride). I think flying is a better option. The flight fee not much than Rp 300.000 (around 30 us dollar), just as much as if you pay flights from Bangkok to Phuket (even less!)!

Riau Airlines schedules:
Jambi - Kerinci Wed & Sat 08.55am
Jambi - Pekanbaru/Riau Wed & Sat 11.00am
Kerinci - Jambi Wed & Sat 10.00am
Pekanbaru - Jambi Wed & Sat 07.30am

Theres another flights too to other places in Sumatra from Jambi:

Kartika Airlines schedules:
Jambi - Batam Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 13.15
Batam - Jambi Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 12.00
Jambi - Padang Sun, Wed, Mon 13.15-15.25
Jambi - Medan Sun, Wed, Mon 13.15-18.30

Enjoy Sumatra island!!

Belitung, amazing pure island in Sumatra

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After few days in Bangka, my sister told me that shes in Belitung visiting her in Law in Manggar, a small city in Belitung island. So i decide to join her and her family for a short trip before went back to my jungle.
I bought a fast boat ticket two days before i leave Bangka. I don't want to take a risk because its still on Lunar New Year celebration week and everything seemed fully booked. I went to the travel agent next to the Otak-Otak AB restaurant where we having an otak-otak fiesta day before.
Theres only one boat to go to Belitung from Bangka island. And its not everyday! yikes! talking about isolated island again! I think it was like twice a week! so be careful when you do the travel itinerary to both island!
Beside there's less boat traveling abck and forward both islands, you might have to check weather too. There's not once the boat flip ! its so scary. Last time in January my brother in law brother boat(hahah sorry make you confuse) have to go back to Bangka island because the boat hit by big wave and it breaks all of boat window glass!

On the day i travel to Belitung. I have to leave Sungai Liat at 10.15 am using a rent car to go to Pangkal Pinang. The price for the rent car is Rp 150.000,-
I arrive at Pangkal Balam, Bangka island harbour at 11.30 and i have to wait for like 1 hour to go to the boat. Its pretty neat boat since its a new boat. The boat Name is Bahari Express 8C (the "B" flip like a month ago..uhh...).

I will post something later ok.... its lots of fun for sure !!

Bangka and some Awesome food!!

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February 18, 2010

Due to the mixed cultures between malay and chinese, and lots more that i don't know... Bangka had a rich variety of food. Mostly based on fish. Fish meatballs, fish dumplings, everything is fish, because its easy to get and and its plenty out there!
After getting some tan, i decide its time to get some taste of Bangka. Its just too bad that weather not good and its a little bit raining. But not stopping me and my friends for exploring some food!
Some store still clossed due to Lunar new year few days ago. You still could see lots of cars from different city and people talking in Jakarta slang language here and there.
I went to "Empek2" its a fish dumpling with some hot sauce called "cuka" i went to a small food stall near Bank Mandiri. We eat empek-empek and model there. Its cheap.
After that, i went to try "otak-otak" its also made from fish on a restaurant "AB" (Asli Belinyu) ..OMG its verrryyy good. They will give you 3 different sauce to go with. I try 3 of it. Its very nice! i take picture where you could see the prices of the food, its awesome!
Because the weather not so good, so we didn't go to more eating places...

April deals: Tiger airways 75% off !!

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