Hunting for the cheap flights

Posted by Fico , Monday, March 7, 2011 11:47 PM

I am currently planning on my first trip outside S.E Asia... its a big deal for me... since i am not that familiar with all complicated things that follow with the travel requirements e.g visa, hotel bookings and transportation also WEATHER... why weather in caps...? its just because i never been in to 4 seasons countries and Hongkong-Macau teach me a lot to prepare better than before!

But i wont tell where i go yet... i will tell you where to after i got all sorted out...

But its kind of sad... really... to see my beloved Indonesia lines up with all those mid east "terrorist" countries in one of the questions on the visa form attachment... humm.. so much doubt about Indonesia... its silly!

Anyway.. beside weather, and visa... i had to deal with transportation that very unfamiliar with me.... also.. duh.. the flights.. OMG.. its like 50 times more expensive that it made me gasp every day when i check the price!!

The website that i use for checking this flights fare are:
3. Farecompare