Bangkok-Day4: High End Shopping Malls-Sushi-Suam Lum Solo Adventure

Posted by Fico , Wednesday, August 4, 2010 7:05 PM

Fourth day...and its a crazy hot day!

Bangkok was still dark when i rush trying to find Lee on  the apartment. We had so much fun last night with the movie, i was fall a sleep at 2am, trying to connect to internet and fail, and gave up and get some internet card down stair with 50baht.

Let say we had a morning "drama" since i lost Lee, but then everything solve just fine, she was safe and sound. All bad thought about someone kidnapping her gone. Don't want to tell details. But for sure, i wont let anything bad happened to my travel mate.

We HAVE to know where our travel mate goes, with who, and what they basically do, no need details, just as long as they are safe. Last thing you want just feel sorry because you think your travel buddy was safe and sound while she was battling with her last breathe. Sure you're not their mum, but could you explain what happen when something bad happen to their family or mum? that you don't know where your "friend" is? cause travel buddy suppose to stand back to back (i do sound like a kick ass!).

Today is friday so Joe can not go with us. We are planning to go some shopping and sight seeing, i am determined to show Lee the Erawan shrine!  But before that we had to do a very long BTS trip from Rama 2. And start to think again about staying at the apartment, its convenient but not convenient for our budget as we had to hail taxi from the apartment to BTS station and could cost around 90-110 baht just for BTS station. And we have to do like 5 BTS station until the interchange, oh gosh too much! (See the BTS&MRT complete route HERE)

Joes Apartment >>>>Taxi to BTS Wongwian Yai (Silom Line)>>>> 6 BTS stations (Krhungtonburi, Saphan Taksin, Surasak, Chong Nonsi, Sala Daeng, Ratchadamri)>>>> Siam Central Interchange (FINALLY!!)

Anyway, we went to this mall Emporium for some sushi for lunch, why here? i don't know either hahaha.... but we went to the central already before. And because Joe's sms about meeting us on 'ON NUT" station which is only 3 stations away from where we are (Phrom Phong BTS).

But we had time of our own. To be honest this is my very first sushi. Lee a good guide, i like most of the sushi! she sometimes joke around and said something like... ohh thats a sea worm, and i said... what???? she laugh for fun. We enjoy our lunch for sure. The fish sooo fresh and as desert we had green tea ice cream, oh gosh.. so fresh! yummy!! The "damage" is around a thousand baht which is normal as i can see we eat a lot!!

While doing lunch Joe text her and said a friend of his invite for dinner and i told Lee, lets see some clothes here!

They had discount, but when we try and had some Joe calling, i didn't heard it as the phone on my back pack. When we rushed to MRT where Joe's waiting it rang again. He become inpatient hehe ...guys...

When we finally met he was too upset to listen to my explanation; i think i better split with him to avoid misunderstanding. So i am heading back to Siam to chill off left them both at On Nut BTS (Shukumvit Line) and do back up plan while on MRT, and i end up... planning to go to Suam Lum Night Bazaar.

Before going there i went to Siam Paragon for new sim card. I just realize IM3 charge me Rp 6000,- per sms to Lee, as Lee is using Thai sim card! Lee sound very worry..hehe so i reply her and say i went to Suam Lum night Bazaar. I had my self a "Happy" sim card color of the package is red with smile on it... as it had the best rate for internet as i would need for my gmail on phone and ofcourse free sms to some thai numbers (as it said hahaha). Their shop at the 4th floor of Siam Paragon, but i had no time to set the internet because its quite late for night bazaar.

So i head to Suam Lum night Bazaar at 8pm. Its bit late, and gosh the MRT sooo quiet even worse at BTS that i believe if some psyco jump off those one column on the wall and drag me out of no where no one will know!! But then i just think i had to go there because there are so many stuff i could get from there before Chatuchak weekend market. Short of warming up hehehe.... (hasrat belanja lebih tinggi dari rasa takut hahahah!!)

Siam BTS (INTERCHANGE between Shukumvit line & Silom Line)>>SalaDaeng BTS (Silom Line)>>off the station go outside the station by sky walk, down stairs (about 150meters, see the sign) switch to MRT Silom>> stop at MRT Lumphini Station

I use the underground BST, just too bad Lee didn't have this chance to try, but i think she will be all right with Joe.Train nearly empty, i just pick seat near the door. I forgot the fact that the store in Bangkok closed at 9.30PM!! And its major shop like the biggest Siam Paragon, unbelievable! hahahah.... Oh the nght bazaar also close the the Lumphini stadion where you could watch the Muay Thai traditional martial art, we both talk about this and think should be fun to watch this sometimes.

When i get off the BTS i was shock.. it was different than 2 years ago!! like when you got off the BTS you will see the Suamlum night bazaar lamps right on the right side of you, but there's only dark empty scary land there!! where is it??? i stood there for a while, and look around there was only several local bangkok guys prob half drunk, not good to ask, and also two caucasian couple face as puzzle as i am, pointing the empty land, hahaha... same... nasib  mu sama tohh...

I was so freak out hahahah!

But i walk to the street.. i think impossible to move such big market... i just walk to the right side when i sad neon lights said "Suam Lum Night Bazaar" and heard sound of local Thai band playing loud i know its promising!! so i walk faster, and hahahahah!! the entrance of Suam Lum Night Bazaar right in front of me!!

So i shop for few bangels and pins and a backpack and two tshirt for my self. And then headed to Joe's apartment in Rama 2 nearly midnight. I was so tired!!

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Bangkok Day 3: Change of Plan, glance at Chinatown and Uber Hot Grand Palace!!

Posted by Fico , Tuesday, August 3, 2010 3:31 AM

.................... Bangkok Day 3:
 Sky still blue and not falling apart.....

Last night, Lee and i had a discussion about an idea Joe gave us night before. He said something like:
"If you both have to pay over 300 baht each which is equal 600 baht why don't you rent an apartment room near mine? its only 600 baht per day?"

We thought it was a good idea. For me i had no problem with that as i never had experience live in Bangkok apartment before. I always stay in hostel and i didn't know that there were apartment with that price. I didn't ask the location, Joe only said its pretty close.

It doesn't matter tho, i pay the guest house daily due to my money situation. And my next guest house would be Udee hostel, which is closer to Chatuchak my main highlight.

....hmm... ok lets do some changes here... you ought to had  flexibilities on your plans, there for it will be fun for all of us!

So we pack our thing and say good bye to room mates, oh gosh, they are good looking young guys, and pretty nice!

Just too bad one of them FINALLY have guts to say hi to me after two days just look with shy smile and from distance (come on guys! we wont bite!!). He is one of those good looking sweet looks kind of guy (pretty much my type, too bad i prefer brown haired guy hehe).

Check out at 9am and then we use taxi going to Rama 2 where Joe's live.

Its far out side the heart of Bangkok. It is convenient for him, as he work in hospital right across the street. We check in on a room, a level below his room. The apartment just like a hotel. But you could rent it for a month with different price. Its like a studio apartment, large room, a tv set with the dvd player, cozy king bed size, and nice bathroom, a fridge and basically nice.

We had to go out for breakfast first before we going out, as we haven't had our breakfast, so we go to one of the mall there. Because he said its only breakfast so we didn't bring our cameras or bags. But after the breakfast he said we go straight to the China Town... omg!

I was panicking and said to Lee; "we didn't had camera!!" , and worse, i've been to Grand Palace before and we start at 9 am and it was HOT. We were on Chinatown before 12pm and it will be very hot in Grand Palace.

Chinatown, i can't say much as Joe brought us there and just walk passes through. Could see several things that i would love to buy. But i just thought we are going to get slower but we're not. I love Bangkok Chinatown feels like in Hongkong pictures!

Sorry i didn't bring the camera, its just so disappointing not to get pictures from here...

We use taxi after that for Grand Palace. The palace/home of Thailand king family. It was as beautiful as i remember before. Also as crowded as before too. We take few pictures and went around for checking the building one by one.

Lee seemed pretty amazed. Me too, even this is my 2nd time coming visit this palace.

I like the details that they do on the palace wall, window and also the carving doors.

The items on the  Grand Palace museums also complete and in good condition. We went to the weaponry museums and see some old guns and cannons.

Its 3pm and we are all exhausted, and haven't had lunch. So we went to Chaophraya again to go to MRT. Joe have to go to his friend wedding party. We had lunch on the pier when suddenly the rain fall so hard that it looks like a storm coming.

Its not a good way to use the boat then. So we went to the street again and using a bus that passes through the Grand Palace. Joe said its the first time he use that bus. I can't remember the number also. But it goes to the right direction to Rama 2! So we are pretty close to Joe's Apartment.

From the bus stop we use taxi, and Lee sleep on taxi ride. I talk with Joe about lots of things. And i could see i become more familiar with the street to his apartment. It still amazingly far. We spent about 30 min on the taxi. Grand palace seemed worn Lee out.

When we arrive at the apartment Lee said she didn't feel sleepy anymore. So Joe's preparing for his wedding party while we clean our self. I am thinking about going to the mall that i saw on the way to Joe's apartment.

When we just finish cleaning our self Joe's calling Lee and said that he cancel the plan to th e wedding party and said he was turning to the apartment and thinking about taking us out for dinner and movie.

So we get ready and meet him for dinner and movie at Rama 2 Mall. We eat pizza, i forgot the restaurant name, but oh, its very delicious and thick flavor. I love it... not bad. The pasta also taste very good!

We watch "The Sorcerer Apprentice" quite tense and funny. I love Bangkok caramel pop corn... (from last time i went to movie in Bangkok 2007 with kak Mari) still can't forget the taste, yums! Its almost midnight when the movie finished.

I went to sleep because pretty tired from Grand Palace tour, i still haven't discuss the next day plan with Lee that night, as the lover bird still on their nest...duh...(wink wink).