Oleh-Oleh aja kok bingung? holiday gift for your family

Posted by Fico , Saturday, June 12, 2010 4:49 AM

Di akhir masa traveling yang fun banget kita sering kali bingung, mikirin oleh2 apa yahh yang paling bagus buat keluarga? Sangking binunnya kadang malah kaga kebeli hehehe... (paraaahhh)
Oleh2 itu cuma tradisi di indonesia, tanda kalau kita sang "pengembara" teteup ingat sama keluarga kita atau temen2 walaupun kita jauhh di sanah. Cuma yah itu kadang sampe bingung sendiri milihnya.Pilihan aku kalau mau beliin oleh2 pastinya merhatiin berat/ukuran dari oleh2 itu.. trus hehe HARGA cetak tebel ya bo! secara ini backpackingan, gila aja kalau lo minta bawain patung godzilla yang beratnya 3 kwintal!!!

At the end of our joyous traveling journe (or perhaps in the middle?) we often kind of being nice and consider to give some "insight" about our journey by giving our loves one something unique from the places where were traveling to.

Good guideline about this gift i think... well.. if you traveling on budget, you should consider about the price and the size/weight of the gift. Being in budget means you could only bring limited stuff on your luggage, since most of budget airlines limit the luggage weight and also the size and weight of bag that you could bring on board. Its sucks.... hehe. So make sure you wont bring any heavy stuff such a bulky godzilla statue!!

Aku suka kagum sama expat yang aku kenal... mereka gak ambil pusing soal oleh2...
Contohnya.... ada yang bawa balsem caplang sampe 4 dus ke negaranya!! buat tetangga, anak, bibi, sama keluarga yang lain... balsem gitu loh!!!

I know for some people unique stuff from places where they go could mean something different than others. Could be key chain, tshirt, snow globe, sticker, fridge magnet, food, or something that as weird as a linggam (hehe read my 2007 traveling adventure in Krabi).

I like the way western did it, they bring some weird stuff.... well weird enough for me, such as rub balm or chilli sauce!! lol..
Ada lagi yang bawa sambel botolan... berhubung di negaranya ada saus sambel tapi gak pedas kek di Indonesia.. jadi alhasil tiap kali ke indonesia dia borong sambel botol sebanyak yang bisa di bawa di tas kopernya! coba mak gue di bawain sambel... hidihh gak kebayang musibah apa yang bakalan terjadi hahahahah! (peace mom!!)

Cruise Ship (just for retirement or, its a fun thing for young peeps too?)

Posted by Fico , Thursday, June 3, 2010 5:30 PM

I am looking at a mail that being sent by my mailing group, showing the "Oasis of The Sea" ship. I google it down and find some interesting fact.

The ship had set a record by carrying over 6000 passenger. Its really a floating "small town". With 28 ultra-modern loft suites and 2,700 spacious staterooms, this 16-deck marvel proves that the impossible, is possible (as said on one of the website). Its very glamorous, huge, and seemed fun...some how. And now they are building new ship called "Allure of the Sea".

Once my friend told me that people who use cruise is only retirement aka old people, and its no fun and no adventure. But then these days you could see how cruise pamper young souls!

Check the facility that Oasis of the Sea had:
1. Flying fox/zip line
2. A casino
3. Several night clubs
4. A mini golf course
5. Several bars lounges and bistros
6. Karaoke Club
7. Swimming pools (up to 4!! and 10 whirlpools)
8. Volley ball and basketball courtS (yepp.. more than one sweety!)
9. Theme park

A theme park on a ship, could you imagine how sick is that????!!!! its seemed that they had party all night!

I HAVE to try this cruise sometimes!! hehehe

Oh for young people, you might want to consider thi:

Of the large cruise lines, 4 of them stand out as the best for young adults:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line - known for "freestyle cruising" with a choice of restaurants for evening dining
  • Carnival - the party ships
  • Royal Caribbean - the newest and largest ships have a wide range of on board activities including wave riders, rock climbing walls, ice skating
  • Princess - more subdued than the first 3 and great for romance. Several of the ships have outdoor wide-screen movie theaters

If your young adults are still kids at heart, you may even consider Disney's ships.

Cruise Lines you may wish to avoid (too many "old people", not enough activities):

  • Celebrity
  • Holland America (fantastic culinary programs)
  • Crystal

From various result of google browsing.