Fly into Phuket Stars

Posted by Fico , Monday, April 27, 2009 6:11 AM

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KL pictures (girls nite out)

Posted by Fico , Friday, April 24, 2009 11:07 PM

Dinner at Fish & Chips in Bukit Bintang Area

Party Nite at Bukit Bintang "Club 21"

Jambi-Pk Baru-KL (This is where we start !)

Posted by Fico , Tuesday, April 21, 2009 10:28 PM

Here we go again, we start with Tiara Otocham (TOP) travel at 19.00 (i thought that would be 7.30, my mom said its 7 fika!) and we went to the TOP travel office. The ride cost us Rp 180.00 per person. We leave jambi at 19.50pm (nearly 8 pm).
Most of time, the person next to me sleeping (how can she sleep when the road is so bumpy?? uugghhh !) hihi.. i wake up like 5-6 time during the trip. We stop 3 times, its much more than i ever did which is one time last time when i went to PK baru for..erhhh.. Chevron test ! hihihi..
11 hours they said to reach PK Baru. We discuss with the driver, several of the passenger also want to catch up some flights to different places like Medan or Jakarta. We agree to pay Rp 15.000 .. maybe at first he meant, 15.000 per each person, but then when we're arrive we just gave him Rp. 15.000 only for both of us.
We arrive at Pekan Baru, Riau airport/Sultan Hasan Kasim II at 5.40 am. There's less people there. Sky still dark, but there's airport sucurity guard checking luggae with x ray's, obviously we're not the first flight this morning. We went to the checking lobby, through the x-ray scanner and rushing to the bathroom, and take shower. To be honest, its a bigger bathroom than in Jambi airport, but i could say, this is moooore dirty than the one in Jambi (a dying cockroach on floor as a proof of the level of cleanliness, and my mean girl status, hehe).
After bath (and groomed our self) we went to Air Asia counter.. and guess what.. they are giving us the seat that we want for FREE CHARGE. As far as i know, Air Asia will give you seat but if you pat for sum of money (Fast Boarding?) but we got it for free ! yay ! thank you to PK Baru Air Asia!!
After boarding we proceed to the airport tax both, we pay Rp 75.000 for international flights, we then went to the second floor for immigration. We had our NPWP card copy, also our passport copy, so we just gave it to the immigration officer and get a stamps on our passport and boarding card.
We went to another x-ray for waiting room, and guess what, they stop us because they thought they "found" something suspicious on Maria's bag (eeeewww !!)
They ask, what is the "tube" inside her bag, she get more confuse because she only brought bottle of water, and that's the only "tube" that she know. And they re-scan her bag again, and ask her to take out her bag, and put everything out. (me.. whaaat???!! i dont even know what is that !) and then they figure it out ! it was the flash light !!!! (uugghhh so much for hiden tubes !).
They apologize and please us to come in and wait for our flight (fiuuuhh !).
Its a big waiting room. They also had canteen and serve breakfast. You could order tea/coffee or bread, noodles or even lontong (wow heavy !). I have a cup of tea while waiting, we do our breakfast and watch the plane landing and take off. I just also find out that we do have military base here also. We could watch fighter planes take off, its very good, i never know before we had airforce base here in Riau. And the planes not look bad either.
After breakfast then we decide to have some of Rupiah exchange to Ringgit. So we go outside back to the first floor near the toilet (arrival door). After changing the ringgit we went to the waiting room again on 2nd floor (we should do this before we went to the waiting room first place.. but we thought the money changer will be any near the immigration or waiting room).
Our flight is on schedule. We depart at 8.45 am i sleep during the flight which is only like 30 minutes !!
We arrive at KLIA-LCC at 10.25 am KL time. And speed up to immigration. There's several lines there (its on 2nd floor). First time i went there they mix up between the arrival and departure immigration. But i think this airport development that time not finished yet. I saw there's more details added, like this immigration lines.
When i went to the immigration lines, they ask if i am a student, i said no, and ask if i ever went to Malaysia before, i said yes, he ask again, do i had my return ticket i said, yes and no, i said i had flight ticket for Phuket, he ask why go there, i smile, vacation. hehehehehe... he ask too many questions... but its his job.
This time we are more "thought" really intimidate by the officers, heheheheheh !
When were taking our luggage my cousin send me sms said she is going to be late to pick us up, because she had an urgent meeting at her office (alittle bit sad thing because i do feel very tired) so we have 3 hours free time at the airport ! and we decide to explore a bit.
We went to Mc D's for lunch and its quite nice. Too bad the wifi is not so strong that i cant catch it with my cellphone (my lovey dopey P1i). But we touring around, playing cards, checking on good guys, cute daddy, weird people.. we really take our time very god ! hihihihih...
My cousin finally pick us up at 1 pm and we drive straight to my uncle house in Selangor. I almost fall asleep on the truck !

News on Bangkok/Thailand

Posted by Fico , Friday, April 17, 2009 1:11 AM

Now i am a news addict. Open everyday, every morning and afternoon, just to check the latest situation. Today its the "yellow shirt" day, when one of their leader being shot, show its still un-stable situation. I read this here. He's one of the "anti Thaksin" members who found the "yellow shirt" group. He is wounded and they still trying to find the shooter.
I just hope they wont do another demonstration, last year its the "yellow shirt" who manage to close down the airport in Bangkok for days !
Wish everything will be just fine. And the government and the protestant could conciliate soon !

Huaaaahhh ! ada-ada aja sih.. kemaren kaos merah, sekarang kaos kuning.. hikss.. jadi mikir.. mendingan jangan bawa baju kaos warna2 itu kayaknya ! bawa yang putih aja..yuuukkk ! cari aman ! peace !

Thailand New Visa Rules !! Aturan Visa Thailand 2008

Posted by Fico , Tuesday, April 14, 2009 2:40 AM

I browse today i found out that Thailand already change the rules about visa ! yess people ! be careful and do RE-ARRANGE your long stay in Thailand !!
This rules already applied since December 2008... uuhhhh.. i just know this today ! few days before i left.. and lucky me i got some information to share !
Travelers without visa will get only 15 days of stay if they are arriving via a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country. Its means if you're from Malaysia and entering Thailand with bus or train, you will only granted 15 days stay in Thailand. But if you fly down to Thailand, the rules will be the same, you will be granted with 30 days visa.
I can't belief it until i see my self the very own Thailand Gov. website that said about this new visa rules !
Only several countries that listed as exception of this rules like Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, and Tunisia.
For further information you could go to the website i just mention and contact Immigration Bureau, in Bangkok.
Yupp saudara2 baru saja saya temukan perubahan yang terjadi pada aturan soal visa di Thailand. Sebelumnya kita, pemegang passport indonesia bisa tinggal dengan gratis tanpa bayaran visa di Thailand selama 30 hari, tapi sekarang hanya 15 hari ! cateeettt !!
Kalau misalnya kita masuk ke Thailand lewat udara, melalui airport, kita tetap di kasih 30 hari, gak ada perubahan, tapi kalau lewat perbatasan dengan negara lain, seperti Malaysia.. dan dengan menggunakan kereta api atau bus/transport darat, kita cuma bisa dapat 15 hari izin tinggal di Thailand.
Tahun 2007 dulu waktu kita pertama kali ke Thailand, kita berdua dapat stempel visa 30 hari. Hiks...
Untung kali ini kita pake pesawat langsung dari KL ke Phuket.... hehe jadi teteup dapat 30 hari euuyyy ! (kayak mau lama aja di Thailand...hehehe who knows ? wink wink)