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Posted by Fico , Friday, April 17, 2009 1:11 AM

Now i am a news addict. Open everyday, every morning and afternoon, just to check the latest situation. Today its the "yellow shirt" day, when one of their leader being shot, show its still un-stable situation. I read this here. He's one of the "anti Thaksin" members who found the "yellow shirt" group. He is wounded and they still trying to find the shooter.
I just hope they wont do another demonstration, last year its the "yellow shirt" who manage to close down the airport in Bangkok for days !
Wish everything will be just fine. And the government and the protestant could conciliate soon !

Huaaaahhh ! ada-ada aja sih.. kemaren kaos merah, sekarang kaos kuning.. hikss.. jadi mikir.. mendingan jangan bawa baju kaos warna2 itu kayaknya ! bawa yang putih aja..yuuukkk ! cari aman ! peace !

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CC Says:

Tp ke Phuketnya bln 4 ini lanjut trus kan mbak...haha...

Fico Says:

huhuhu,.... pastinya ! udah deg degan nih !

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