What next?

Posted by Fico , Monday, January 31, 2011 3:18 AM

Last few weeks been hectic at my work place... i just thinking and dreaming about my next holiday... whats next? what should i do?

I had my bucket list.. i did my solo traveling for the very first time abroad to Malaysia in Jan 2007. I did snorkeling also in 2007 for the very first time... i did bungee jump from the highest bungee in the world.. well at least that would last for sometimes... so... whats next?

She looks so cool!!

On the top of the list is "SURFING". Yes.... oh i think its very cool thing to ride wave!! i am not that good with balance, but i love roller skating (which is totally different..i know) but at least both depends on balance. But yeah.. i want to feel.. how is it feels like to stand on that board riding the waves!

Where? Bali is on the top of the list... but ive been doing my browsing i had another options like Sumatra, Lampung not bad.. as well as West Sumatra! Lombok is always on my mind too!

The "other world" that i want to see!

Next on my list is "PADI OPEN WATER DIVING" yes... i had lots of ideas..i just think.. when i did the snorkeling i saw how amazing world under water... if only i could get closer!

I should do this within 2011! wish me good luck! (start checking my annual leave, hehe)

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