Airlines Booking Tips 2

Posted by Fico , Monday, July 6, 2009 12:22 AM

Amboooiiiiii ! (hehe) Pesan tiket dari akhir bulan kemaren sampe minggu kedua bulan Juli ternyata "mematikan !!" I can't get cheap flights from Jambi to Jakarta V.V !! semua harganya di ATAS Rp 500.000,- all the price lowest is US$50.. uugghhhhhh !!! Its quite tricky when you book flights on school holidays. Lesson that i learn for sure is to know when is the school holidays ! When they're about to go back to school the price will up once again and then after the school begin the price will slowly back to normal. Its actually a good marketing.. hehe but bad for people who traveling monthly. Its happened to the operators and other employee here. I just check with mandala airways flights, the price is up to Rp 900.000,00 one way.. nearly a million rupiahs (about US$ 100). Masa tiket ke jakarta yang nota bene lama penerbangan 45 menit seharga Rp 1 juta sih ?? gilaaaaaaaa ! Makanya traveling di indonesia syuusyaaahhh huuu huuu!
Rencananya sih mau berangkat di akhir bulan.. hueheuehhe.. tapi belum dapat tiket juga.. sebel kalo di bandingkan dengan Air Asia yang ngeluarin promo2 asik ke luar negri gitu.. napa perusahaan lokal gak bisa ya ? Tiket ke Malaysia atau ke Singapore di bandrol 2 ratus ribuan.. hiks miris liat harga tiket online...

What i don't really like about booking flight ticket in indonesia is, its just the same like gambling, when you book earlier it could be cheaper or more expensive than if you book near your departure date.. it could be very anoyying because the price difference cold up to Rp 200,000,- ! its lots of difference for me ! (Rp 200,000,- could pay international airport tax and lunch/dinner at airport Mc D's.. hehe).

Kayaknya musti sabar nunggu sekolah mulai.. hiks.. hiks.. berdebar takut kehabisan tiket...

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