Airlines Online Booking tips

Posted by Fico , Friday, July 3, 2009 6:39 PM

Most of our flights ticket are booked through internet booking with cc (credit card) help.
Its a facility that we should use in order to get some fare discount due to early book.
Recently my friend help me book a flight with Air Asia but because of rushing my friend carelessly didn't put my whole name as on my id on the flight ticket.

I read few blogs and the mailing list that there should be no difference between name on the ticket with the passport. My full name at passport is **fika ***iana Ch***ul An*** but instead of write the complete full long name my friend just type **fika An***. Maybe because the space that they gave is so small..or maybe the connection.. uhm.. don't know. I found it out two days after i check the confirmation letters from air asia.
I know that if i didn't do anything to it they will ask for Rp 200.000,- for changing the name, or worse they will ask me to get another flight ticket. Could be a chaos thing if on the day i leave i know about that right on the check-in counter.
So i call the call centre for Air Asia at +62 21 50505088 at 8 am first call the c.s not so welcome about my problem. So i decide to call again. I also had another issue due to i want to resize my luggage and i don't know why there is seemed problem with the website connection (not my internet connection). He ask me to pay for Rp 200.000,- as i expected but then i said i'll think about it and hang up. I call back again nearly lunch time and this time its a nice women who answer the phone.
She was very friendly and i explain what happened. She offer me help by sending her my passport scan and right after i send her about 40 minutes later she issue new flight ticket for me with no charge at all !
Maybe i was just lucky.... and maybe also because the flight ticket that i bought not a promo flight ticket so its a regular fare so they don't made it hard.

So next time just remember to double check, and re-check again before you confirm the flight ticket on e-booking because its really cost you headick and money for sure !

Cheers !

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