Free seat airasia !!! (tips)

Posted by Fico , Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2:37 AM

This is what i've waiting for ! the annual free seat from air asia !! go wild, go crazy !! go on vacation !!! yaaayyy !!!

Some tips from me:

  1. Look up for your work schedule and vacation days (how many left?) it will be more than 4-5 months ahead, so planning is very tricky!
  2. Ask if replacement to your co worker, ask your boss if its ok for you to leave on the certain date you want to go for holiday (hehehe ..peace boss!!)
  3. Check for your destination events, festivals, great sale, etc !
  4. Check the weather of your destination place during your travel time. You don't really want to travel during raining season in Asia, because its only means lots lots of WATER pouring from sky.
  5. If you don't have credit card.. hmmm tricky borrow from friend (anything that work ! this is once every year !)
  6. Try to take deep breathe and plan carefully. Don't made mistake on your name on flight ticket-passport, make sure everything is correct !!
  7. During the "waiting period" collect as much as you could info about your vacation destination, book for accommodation, tours, etc trust me, better planning means cheaper price !!
  8. Save money, forget those local malls sale.. you are going to have a vacation blast !!

Have a safe trip everyone !!

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