Brussels-City That had its Own Signature (Day 4-Part 1)

Posted by Fico , Saturday, May 28, 2011 4:56 AM

All that is gold does not glitter Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkein

I woke up at 6am. None woke up yet....

I already prepare my stuff last night, so i grab the toiletries and my chargers and attack every electric socket that i found the other night... its quite danger because you will never know who walk by and took it hahah.. but i only did it at toilet--girls toilet and at kitchen.

Hot shower made me really fresh! after drying my hair i went to dining, feel happy woke up early so i dont have to queue on shower and i got the socket for my self hahaha! at least i will have my ipod and cellphone the whole day!

But.. ekkkk... why theres already over 15 people on (disini lah puzzle kehidupan terungkap... cewek bule jarang mandi!! LoL)

Breakfast is free at Van Gogh... so i grab as many as i can.. this is breakfast i know.. but i want to eat a lot of bread!! and jams!! hahaha

After breakfast i went to Metro and go straight to the Cinquantenaire Park the home of lots of main monuments/must visits museum in Brussels.

European Union Berlaymont-HQ of Execitive EU in Brussels

Me in Brussel European Union HQ

EU Comission Building in Brussels

Cinquantenaire Park

Robert Scuman-One of EU founder

Cinquantenaire Jardin at Brussel.. the tree and flowers also the art work.. so beautiful! (me too!)

Cinquantenaire park with Triumphal Arc on background

Small flowers on the grass.. wild flower..just like me hehe

Small flowers on the grass..its wild flowers!

Some of the art work at the Cinquantenaire Park Brussels

Triumphal Arch at Cinquantenaire Park Brussels

I loooove this picture so very much (pre-weds kind of?)

Why we can't build any park like this?

Brussels Triumphal Arch

Brussels War Museum

This is for 5 years old prince... so... tiny

Time bomb with actual..clock!! hahaha

I adore him for his leadership-admit it, he is great leader! meet Mr Hitler

SS Troops uniform

More armories.. ohh my knights!!

Brussels Flag

Anyone i know???

Great Mosque of Brussels

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