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Posted by Fico , Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:37 AM

Bad words but it was sucks...
I try to get the ticket online, the price for the one way ticket from Jambi to Batam is Rp 297.500.
10 minutes flight.. and i pay as much as if i go to Jakarta with 45 minutes flight.
Plus... i thought that Mandala online system just like any other international online booking, we pay half, and pay the other half when we go.. or pay with credit cards.. its not !
It wasn't fun at all.. when you know your reservation is automaticly cacelled 12 hours after you input it.
So what the use ??
I thought i could feel easy after getting the ticket a month before leaving, Mandala can't do that.
12 hours !! goddddddddddddd.. i am still at working site !!! isn't the online system suppouse to make things easier ????

Sigh !

Anyway i got the ticket. I call my sister and i got the ticket !!
For the same date, same flight, same price but different booking number ! how could that be ? sigh.

Mandala.. capek dehhhhh..

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