New back pack !

Posted by Fico , Monday, July 2, 2007 2:09 AM

Well.. this is not exactly the type of backpack that i just bought ! it was much bigger. I finally had my own 50 liters back pack, that made my mom wondering and ask "where do you go ? you seemed not planning to go back home aren't you ?" It's a joke, and i don't need to answer that (hahahahahaa !) The price that i got is Rp 99.000,- Extra cheap for a bag that could carry alot. I'm only considering about my back. I choose a thick support belt so my back wont hurt when i have to carry something that almost as heavy as i am. Bad things is, the back pack doesn't have a hard back support. But i guess i could manage that will packing my stuff correctly on it. Well.. just wait and see if the backpack works well... it sure will have the challange to carry extra heavy load !!

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