Online bookings for Thailand trip !! cheap !

Posted by Fico , Monday, July 2, 2007 1:39 AM

Okay.. so we already set the dates, we booked few things already.. I think it’s a great deals. Just check this out !

Sing-Krabi (one way, Tiger Airways, one person) : S$ 56 (Rp 330.400)

Baan iyara hostel in Krabi for 3 days + airport pick up (two person, not incl. breakfast) THB 1450 (Rp 420.500)

Four Island half day tour with long tail boat (2 person including lunch, fruits, and bottle of water) THB 1200 (Rp 312.000)

Phuket backpaker hostel (3 days, 2 person, not incl. breakfast) : THB 1.200 (Rp 348.000)

Chiangmai-Singapore (one way, 2 person) THB 5.340 (Rp 1.548.600)

So far this is the amount of money that we already use, all from online reservation.

Still have to book lots of things like hostels at Bangkok, and Chiang mai, also.. flight from home to Batam !

We haven't book the ticket because the flight schedule change every month (quite frustating me !) it's not a good thing to book it 2 months in advance i think...

The goodies link:

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